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Architectural Design Consultant

Architect Lancaster California


Land Development Solutions Inc. is an Architectural company in the USA that provides architectural and development services for more than 30 years. Our Architect focuses on architectural design, interior design, site and master plan design, urban designing, building renovations, and restoration design in San Diego California.


We have a team of professional and experienced architectural design consultant who provides advice and assistance to other architects or designers. They offer suggestions and direction in terms of architectural design, safety regulations, building methods, aesthetics, and career advancement. 


Our experienced Architects collaborate closely with other experts like civil and other engineers to produce high-quality designs. From the initial draughts and meetings until the building's dedication, architects are responsible for a variety of tasks over the course of a project. Architects are chosen by the client, and it is their responsibility to acquire all the knowledge and concepts required to design a place that is both practical and in compliance with building codes.


If you are looking for a highly experienced and qualified architect in California, USA, then you can freely approach us anytime. With our top Architect Lancaster California and Architect San Diego California, we offer the best architectural services as per the client’s requirements at every end of California City and in the whole USA.  


Phases of our Architectural services:

We provide the best architectural services with keeping the client’s requirements and satisfaction in mind. As clients are the most important to us, we try our best to meet the client’s requirements and satisfy them with our services. For the satisfaction of clients, we work in below phases:


   1. Pre-Design and Research:

Pre-design is the stage of analysis that takes place before the design is started once some type of money is made available. Studies are conducted to analyze concerns with space requirements, the potential and restrictions of the proposed site, and the cost versus the budget.


   2. Property analysis/Market Research:

In the Property/Market Research phase, our architects examine the current market values of properties that are comparable to the property you want to buy or sell.

For example, if you are hired our architects for your project in a location let's consider California city. Then, our Architect Lancaster California and Architect San Diego California depending on your location will do a deep analysis of real estate market research that helps you to identify the price at which your property will be profitable in long term. 


   3. Design and Construction Documents:

Design analysis is fundamentally a decision-making process where analytical tools from the core engineering principles, mathematics, statistics, and basic sciences are used to create a product model that can be turned into a real product.

We provide construction documents that specify the work to be carried out by/divided among contractors and architects for a particular project. Through the use of these clearly written agreements, all parties engaged in a building's construction work in tandem to make the building's conceptual design a reality.


   4. Bid Administration/Contract Negotiation:

In this phase of our Architectural services, our experienced and professional architectural design consultant provides the contract to the client. 

Organizing a bidder selection process, choosing a contractor, and negotiating a construction contract are all included in the process of bidding and negotiation.

While customers may have a preferred contractor in mind in some scenarios, clients may also want to take into account different contractors and encourage competitive bidding in other circumstances.

The architect reviews the regional building firms' prior work as part of a competitive bid process. Construction businesses will then compete for the contract in a bid procedure that typically lasts three weeks. The winning bid is chosen after taking quality, price, and experience into account. 


   5. Construction Administration:

The architectural design process concludes with the construction administration phase. The project enters the work Administration phases after the permitting process has been completed and the work itself has started.

The architect plays a significant role in construction by supervising the building process and collaborating with the contractor to ensure that the designs are adhered to strictly and correctly. Remodelling and expansion projects, in particular, always provide a number of unexpected difficulties.


   6. Construction Management/Owner’s Agent:

Our owner's Agent is a member of the project team, are employed by the owner pursuant to a separate agreement. They are responsible for managing the entire project on the owner's behalf. This can cover the phases of design, building, commissioning, and closeout.


Hurry up! Contact us if you are looking for an experienced and professional architectural design consultant for your residential, commercial, industrial, and land planning projects. All our previous projects are available on our website; you can view all our previous projects from our company’s website’s “Projects” option. 

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